I have spent far too much time in North Carolina this summer. Okay, I guess you can never have enough time at the beach or with friends, but I’ve been three separate times this summer after not going there in yeeeears. And that was a lie after I thought about it for five seconds. I was in Asheville and Charlotte twice last year. Get it together, Elizabeth!

First off, there was the weekend trip to Charlotte to visit Elizabeth at the end of June:

After what was possibly the worst drive ever through hours and hours of traffic and three huge thunderstorms, we arrived with dead cell phones and no way to get into Elizabeth’s apartment (nor did we know the apartment number). Devon and I headed to The Diamond, a diner across the street to borrow an outlet to charge our phones; while we waiting we feasted on delicious gravy fries and much needed beers. We finally has enough phone power to call her and let her know we had safely arrived and not floated away in the flooded streets. What did we do before cell phones?!

The next day we headed to Cabo Fish Taco for lunch since it’s my favorite place ever (there is one in Blacksburg, obviously my preferred location). BBQ Mahi tacos are the best ever. For reals.


After lunch, we went to three breweries located in the NoDa neighborhood. First up, Heist Brewery!



This was probably my favorite of the day–they had a great selection and our bartender was awesome. Next up was NoDa Brewing Company. Not as good beer-wise in my humble opinion, but a cute little space and I loved their little tasting trays.


Lastly, we went to….Birdsong Brewing Company. I had to search for this one because I forgot the name. I guess it left a lasting impression. They did have some sort of jalapeno beer that tasted interesting and you got peanuts to snack on.


After an afternoon of many 4oz. beers, we went to relax for a bit before heading to dinner at Dandelion Market with a few other friends. We got to sit at a huge table in the middle of the room and ended up playing Kings using someone’s phone. Random, but all of their wine was $25/bottle. Why don’t more places do that? We ended the night dancing down the street at RiRa–it was a great night.

After brunch the next day at Zada Jane’s, we hit the road for a much less eventful ride home. We decided to take 29 back home–a slightly longer trip but worth it to avoid the hell that is 95. More travels coming soon…

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oh. hey.

Just writing a little something about what I’ve been up to the past few weeks. I have traveled a lot. I’ve worked a lot. I’ve figured out where to move in August. A lot of things!

I’ve gone to baseball games. I spent a day unlimited brunching in DC at Masa 14. I went to Busch Gardens. I went to Charlotte to visit a friend. I went to Nags Head for some 4th of July beach time. Along with the requisite sunburn (still peeling).

I’m to Chapel Hill and the Outer Banks again next week. Then I’m moving to a new apartment and starting grad school.

So that’s that.

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And the challenge has finally come to a close: after blogging every day for the past 30 days, welcome to the last post of Blog Every Day in May! I honestly wasn’t sure I would be able to keep up, but it was a good way to get back in the blogging groove. I found some new blogs to read along the way, and shared things I never thought I would on this here blog.

Besides all of the writing,  photo editing, and posting going on, it was a great month:

Signed up for a marathon and shared my decision to go to grad school.

Celebrated Cinco de Mayo with some classic margaritas.

Went to Boston for the weekend.

Celebrated my sister’s graduation from college.

Went to the bay for memorial day weekend.

And celebrated a dear friend’s last day of work (still recovering).

It was hard work posting each day–especially with so much travel throughout the month. I pre-wrote a few posts, just to make sure I could still keep up with the challenge! Thanks to Jenni at Story of My Life for setting up this challenge and Lindsay at Typically Late for first posting about it!

I followed many of the prompts Jenni had set up for us, but also just posted my regular stuff: food, travel, and what’s going on in life. It was fun to mix things up every now and then with things like an embarrassing story, five  meaningful songs, and my favorite quote. I also hit my 100th post!

Overall, it’s been a great month. I cannot believe June is just around the bend, as is the weekend! Happy Friday everyone, and I will definitely be back soon!



To Lauren, on your last day at the place that’s working on being the best place on Earth to work:

Happy last day! I wanted to take some time to reflect on this bittersweet occasion. There was lots of food involved, lessons learned, and many happy hours to try and make sense of it all.

Some of the better times: lunchtime from food trucks in the circle.


Lunch on the roof with this view of Dupont.


Free delicious food every week. Until they got rid of the guac.


And the occasional champagne toast or wine break! Until they got rid of it.


This happening (many times) after work.


And with that, delicious food. Mostly here (and mostly pot roast nachos):


And many times here:


And sometimes here:


We learned a lot of real-world skills during the work day our lunch breaks. It gave us an extensive knowledge of food.


How to make paper cranes (in the hopes that we will never have to again) for a good cause.


We also learned how to make baby blue vests and ill-fitting sweaters sexy, all while standing for hours and handing out pushpins.


Only to remove them all at the end of the day.


But at least we had a few precious hours to explore some San Francisco restaurants close to Moscone and took the occasional cable car ride. And got to wake up before the west coast sunrise.


How are you going to make it through without holiday parties that produce these faces?


Or end with this?


We got to attend horribly awkward circus-themed summer outings that resulted in what seemed like never-ending champagne.


Here’s to you and your new adventure, the new memories, new lessons, and the many happy hours to follow. Love you! Cheers!



five songs


These five songs trigger such strong memories. These are by no means my favorite songs or songs that really “speak to me.” They have personal meaning to me, and such super specific memories attached to them. Enjoy! Viva La Vida: Coldplay This song, and really this whole album, reminds me of my time studying abroad […]

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lately in pictures: the weekend


For today’s blog every day in May: only photos. Photos from the goings-on lately. Pepper vodka for Bloody Marys. The best bloody with a view. Hell or High Watermelon at Merroir. Roasted Rappahannock River Oysters. Angels on Horseback: oysters roasted with country ham. Windmill Point. The beach at windmill point. Bud Light and working on […]

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happy memorial day


Happy Memorial Day, everyone! I enjoyed some coffee and reading outside this morning. The orange vanilla latte at Buzz Bakery is my jam. After watching a few new episodes of Arrested Development (!!!), I went to my parents house for ribs and potato salad, yum! While I enjoy almost any excuse for a three day […]

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three things I’m working on


I’m back home after staying a few days out in White Stone, VA with Lauren & Hugh and their fam at the bay! Although the weather was less than ideal, I still have a few lovely burns on my nose, feet, and hands (everywhere that wasn’t covered by a sweatshirt and pants). I’ll have more […]

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sun care products I love


And we have finally made it to the unofficial start of summer! Memorial Day Weekend is here!! I am currently at the bay with Lauren & Hugh and their family for the long weekend. Thanks for letting me be an honorary Lee/McCarthy for the weekend! Time for some healthcare lessons to welcome the start of […]

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uva graduation weekend 2013: final exercises


After a lovely dinner at C&O and valediction with Stephen Colbert, it was time for the main event, Final Exercises on the Lawn! Fair warning: be prepared for an onslaught of photos. We woke up bright and early to head over to the KD house for some bagels and coffee before walking over the Lawn. […]

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