easy chicken curry


And Monday is officially in the books! It’s always hard getting back in the swing of things after a long weekend away.  Thankfully, I have another four-day work week; I’ll be off to Charlottesville on Friday for my littlest sister’s graduation from UVA. I cannot believe she is already graduating college–so grown up! I am […]

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travel times in Boston


After what felt like a super quick trip to Boston for the weekend, I’m back home and catching up on some shows! After we arrived in Boston on Friday, Devin and I went to meet Maureen over at Harvard. We stopped for a delicious lunch and sangria at Tory Row in Harvard Square and then […]

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just a quick hello


Happy Saturday night friends! We’re back at the hotel in Boston after a full day of sightseeing, beer drinking and brewery touring, and lots of food. We have an early flight tomorrow back to DC, but it has been an awesome weekend! Goodnight!  

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traveling to Boston & sharing embarrassing moments


Good morning and happy Friday! It’s early, and I’m traveling to Boston today! Devin and I will be off to the airport soon to visit Maureen, who’s a student at Harvard Business School. Like I’ve told you, I have super smarty pants amazing friends. No biggie. I’ve only been to Boston once, for about 24 […]

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a moment from my day


Welcome to Day 9 of Blog Every Day In May! Today’s prompt was to share a moment from my day– I headed over to Caribou Coffee this morning for a coffee, but decided to go with something different. I got the sparkling peach black iced tea! It was super yummy and refreshing, not too sweet […]

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a piece of life advice


What started out as a post on a piece of life advice, gradually turned into overall thanks to those who have done this, who impress me every day with their drive and passion. My advice is simple in theory, but is difficult to put into practice. We are all busy with so many things: work, […]

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chicken noodle soup & fear


I’m blogging every day in may and today’s prompt is about the things we are most afraid of. So when it comes to fear, I scare pretty easily. I still have nightmares about The Grudge; that hand in the shower thing, shit that movie was scary (even looking up that URL was scary). I screamed […]

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homemade chicken stock


So I took a nice day off of work today, and decided to get some cooking done (as well as go to a doctor’s appointment). Over the weekend, I roasted a chicken for dinner one night. I always save the carcass and skin to make chicken stock later on. I usually let the stuff simmer […]

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cinco de mayo margaritas


Happy Sunday and happy Cinco de Mayo! It’s been a pretty relaxing day here. I went to a yummy brunch in Arlington at Lyon Hall with my parents. I shared some french press coffee with my Mom and had the smoked salmon benedict–it was amazing! For anyone in Arlington/DC: if you havent been to Lyon Hall for […]

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my favorite quote, courtesy of Sherlock Holmes


It’s the weekend! I usually don’t blog on the weekends, but with the goal of blogging every day in May, here I am writing a fun little post. I’m here today to share my favorite quote with you. No, it’s not something I found on Pinterest, but something I read in a book a few […]

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