this one thing really bothers me


Happy Friday, friends! I have made it to day three of blog every day in May. *high five* So, today’s prompt is supposed to be: “things that make you uncomfortable.” I read this prompt yesterday and when I was thinking about what to write last night, I somehow interpreted this as “things that bother me.” So I’m going […]

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five for friday: it’s hot edition


1. It’s Friday! It’s also my last day at my current job. Quite bittersweet. New job starts Monday. So many kind words and gestures from my friends and coworkers. I will definitely miss it, but it’s time to move forward!   2. Went to go see Memphis last night at the Kennedy Center. It was […]

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at the moment


time: 5:15 p.m. location: my desk at work weather: cold, 36 degrees. and it plans on snowing later eating: nothing. too full from department lunch at Mourayo drinking: water loving: Fridays; everyone is always happier wondering: if it really will snow tonight enjoying: the fact that I have dinner with a few of my best […]

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